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Jettwrap is a resin impregnated cloth repair system that is activated by water and repairs pipelines, prevents corrosion and acts as a reinforcement agent.


steel-reinforced epoxy putty that can be used as a sealant, adhesive, or as a mould that can reshape and reform products

Rapid Wrap

is the essential kit for emergency repairs where shut down or even slowing down of a plant is simply not viable.

Dreumex Wipes

Superior for cleaning hands, tools and entire work areas. Especially suitable in areas where water is not available.

About Us

Jettwrap is known for supplying easy-to-use solutions to fix and repair cracked, broken and leaking pipes in various industries. We've been doing it for 20 years and we have the satisfied clients to prove that we know our stuff. We also offer a holistic range of products for various industries, making us, in some cases, a one stop supplier for your company needs.

Our Services

For more than 20 years, Jettwrap SA cc has been operating in the pipe repair industry and focusing intently upon offering the best available products to better aid you in securing and repairing pipe damage. We are constantly developing our product offering to include a wide spectrum of industrial solutions and believe that by being ahead of an ever changing market and investing in newer and more improved offerings.

Industry Ready

Our main market is mining but we also reach the shipping, automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors


We are the soul owners and distributors of Jettwrap in Southern Africa / Africa and are reaching emerging markets in Namibia and now the Australian market.

Consistent Performers

The key competitive advantages of Jettwrap lies not just in our 23 years of experience but in our ownership of one of South Africa’s most widely used pipeline repair wraps and our network capabilities and business connections within the industry – our clients are longstanding and we’re regularly recommended.

Our mission

“To ensure a safer working environment for all industry where piping is a major consideration for productivity and continuity while at the same time providing a suitable return on investment for all stakeholders including the shareholders, staff, community and environment of the company”


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