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Pipe repair solutions

As experts in pipe repair, we offer three widely-used and highly respected products that consistently out perform others in their class. From small fixes to large industrial pipe bursts, Jettwrap and Rapid Wrap are the go-to pipe repair products, with the steel-enforced Quiksteel being a AAA-rated emergency solution. Our specially […]

Johnsens – Automotive specialty chemicals

Since 1928, the Johnsen’s brand has been associated with high quality products and great customer service. Through innovation and growth, Johnsen’s brand has been a successful supplier to the automotive aftermarket. Johnsen’s are committed to producing quality products that their customers expect at competitive prices the market place demands. Jettwrap […]

The Car-owners Safety Kit

A slow puncture, cracked exhaust pipe or worse, engine fire, are never automotive issues any driver wants to receive but accidents unfortunately happen. Our safety products help you plan for the inevitable so that, in the event of an emergency, you will be completely protected.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  Stumped as to what to get dad this Father’s Day? Turn to the garage for inspiration. We’ve put together four gift sets for the car-lover/petrol head in your life: Leading Johnsen’s products (Penetrating Oil, Brake Cleaner, Silicone Lubricant, All Purpose Cleaner and White Lithium Grease) in a handy pine […]


Quiksteel Epoxy Putty – The must-have tool kit essential

As an essential item in anyone’s tool kit, we advocate Quiksteel epoxy putty. It offers its users quick, spot-on repairs, can be applied wet or dry and can be used for sealing, patching and mending. Meeting the needs of businesses and home owners alike, its uses include, nm m With is ability to withstand […]


Experts in Pipe Repair

For more than 20 years, Jettwrap SA cc has been providing leading pipe repair kits to Southern & Northern Africa that offer our customers industry saving solutions. As experts in pipe repair, we offer two widely-used and highly respected products that consistently out-perform others in their class. From small fixes […]


Product Spotlight: Jettwrap

Jettwrap continues to be one of Africa’s most recognized and trusted pipe repair solutions. As the soul owners and distributors of Jettwrap in Africa, we’re immensely proud of our product and its continued success in assisting industries with repairs and saving companies time and money. Why use Jettwrap? It’s simple […]


Steel Seal – The Number One Head Gasket Fix

The head gasket has a tough job in any car or automotive vehicle, helping to keep the intense forces of combustion confined to the combustion chambers rather than the coolant system or oil ways. While the head gasket is designed to perform this vital function for the life of the engine, […]