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Gearing up for a healthy car

Keeping a healthy car going may seem like an expensive activity, the temptation is to often wait until something goes wrong…but then you’re met with a hefty garage bill. For many families, a car is an investment worth looking after but many don’t realize that they can protect their car just by investing in the right products.

Protecting your car from daily wear and tear not only keeps it running smoothly, but ensures that it is less likely to suffer from larger, more costly faults down the line. 

Here’s how you can keep your car on the road and in the best condition:

Caring for the outside

It might seem frivolous to keep your car clean but the elements are not kind to the body of your car and the sun, salt, bird droppings and dead bugs can cause damage to the chrome, metal and finish of your vehicle. Leaving marks on your car and not giving it a clean can actually lead to erosion and rust. The cost of fixing this is much higher than preventing it from happening in the first place.

Offering premium formulated products to keep your exterior bright and clean, we stock an impressive range of Blue Magic products that are geared up for taking the work out of cleaning. From fantastic tire shine and wheel cleaners, to metal polishes, convertible top cleaner and strong bug and tar remover, this is the range to buy when dealing with both everyday and deep cleaning needs.

Need more convincing? Rust and damaged paintwork affect the car’s resale value  – maintaining the cleanliness of the outside of your car will keep its value up!

Focusing on the inside details

The inside of your car is important too! Protect your dash, your seats and other details with superior products made to keep your car looking like it has just exited the show room.

The Blue Magic interior line of cleaning products is second to none, with one of the industries leading carpet stain and spot lifter. From surface and leather cleaners to polishes, we’re proud to stock such a rigorous cleaning line.


Getting a puncture often happens at the worst times and sometimes, we don’t always have a spare to hand. Dura-Vulc offers a full range of high quality automotive tire repair productspatchestubeless tire repair string inserts, tools, and chemicals. Effective in an emergency for both cars, bikes and bakkies, these easily transportable tools give piece of mind for both drivers and even mechanics who need to make simple repairs before a full service can be done.

Engine & daily running

Engines need to be looked after. They need a check-up every now and then, and they also require some regular maintenance to keep them in good running condition. 

The Johnsen’s brand has been a leader in the automotive aftermarket car care business since 1928. Starting with packaging brake fluid, Johnsen’s has always been there to answer the needs of the automotive car care consumer. We stock a large offering of their automotive fluids, aerosol products and mobile air conditioning products for your aftermarket car care needs.

From brake cleaners, lubricants, fuel injectors, and power steering protection agents, the list of products for keeping your car safe and healthy is extensive.


Unpredictable and often costly, accidents and damages can happen in an instant which is why we highly recommend QuikSteel, a steel reinforced epoxy putty that the U.K’s leading roadside recovery service cannot live without!
There are many reasons why Quiksteel, the world’s toughest epoxy putty, is a winner with the DIY enthusiast and the trade; It sets steel hard within 15 to 30 minutes, even under water, achieving a full chemical cure within 60 minutes.  It’s impervious to petrol, diesel, and oil – even battery acid. It can be used to repair leaking fuel tanks, kerbed alloys, and stone damaged radiators, cracked sumps, stripped threads, and exhausts.  

Keen to know more? Then get in touch with us today sales@jettwrap.co.za

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