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Pipe repair solutions

As experts in pipe repair, we offer three widely-used and highly respected products that consistently out perform others in their class.

From small fixes to large industrial pipe bursts, Jettwrap and Rapid Wrap are the go-to pipe repair products, with the steel-enforced Quiksteel being a AAA-rated emergency solution.

Our specially developed resin-impregnated bandages can be used on pipes carrying hot and cold water, as well as pipelines containing chemicals. Able to work in situations where pressure can’t be slowed, and even in submerged conditions, it’s a permanent, or temporary repair to prevent loss of money and time for industries.

Why use a pipe repair bandage?

  • No mess
  • Easy to use
  • No tools needed
  • Quick
  • Efficient
  • Strong
  • Saves time and money on replacing pipes

Where can our pipe repair kits be used?

The uses are endless, making it a valuable team-player in any industry. We’ve supplied multiple businesses as it’s a product that can be used on metal, concrete, galvanised, ceramic, fibreglass, polyethylene, steel, rubber, stainless steel and copper pipes.

We’ve worked with the following industries:

PIPEFIX is ideal for quick repairs to slurry pipes, rubber hoses, ventilation ducting and plastic pipes, both underground and on the surface. 

Repairs to process pipes carrying oils, solvents, water and gas are a breeze.

We’ve assisted fishing, merchant and navy vessels. 

In an emergency, Quiksteel is handy for emergency repairs to the inevitable burst radiator hose or leaking exhaust pipe. 

Jettwrap has been used on leaking toilets, drain pipes, pool hoses.

It’s always an essential to have pipe repair kits on standby for commercial and general farming arenas.

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