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Pipe Repairs


A cracked, broken pipe is a nightmare situation for any business. The looming prospect of having to shut down a plant in order to make a repair, or to drain pipework systems costs time and money.

With our pipe repair bandages, Jettwrap and Rapid Wrap, repairs can now be done in situ saving you on costly shut downs. It can be applied to various pipe sizes, operating in numerous different fields of industry. 

Our namesake, Jettwrap, is a resin impregnated cloth repair system that is activated by water. This innovative product will set under water making it ideal for applications such as pipeline repair, corrosion protection, coating of pipe joints, reinforcement, piling protection

For emergency repairs, Rapid Wrap is designed to be used in emergencies, specifically formulated rubber tape allowing repairs to be made under pressure.

The primary advantages of using one of our pipe repair kits include:

–      Anyone can apply the repair kit, no particular skill is needed.

–       No need to shut off and drain the entire system.

–       Remote operation, for use in danger areas where operating personnel would otherwise be at risk.

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