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Experts in Pipe Repair

For more than 20 years, Jettwrap SA cc has been providing leading pipe repair kits to Southern & Northern Africa that offer our customers industry saving solutions. As experts in pipe repair, we offer two widely-used and highly respected products that consistently out-perform others in their class. From small fixes to large industrial pipe bursts, Jettwrap and Rapid Wrap are the go-to pipe repair products and we are the soul distributors of them in South Africa. Both are woven fiberglass cloths that set under water making them ideal for applications such as pipeline repair, corrosion protection, coating of pipe joints, reinforcement, piling protection and also suitable for electrical insulation.

Keeping Industry Running

It goes without saying that the main priority for any industrial plant is to remain on-line. We strive to quickly and efficiently repair cracked and broken pipes amidst the pipeline pressure. Our aim is keep your business functioning and get your leaks sealed so that we can save you time, energy and, inevitably, money.

Striving to be the best

No matter the type of leaking pipe or the material of the piping, our pipe repair kits are suitable for Metal, H.D.P.E, Asbestos, Rubber, Plastic and PVC Piping. At Jettwrap, our goals are to exceed the expectations of every client and offer outstanding pipe repair products, the best of their kind in South Africa. We continually strive to: Offer the highest quality pipe repair kits that solve leaks, corrosion, cracked and broken pipes and emergency water losses. Keep systems on-line and reduce the risk of monetary and time losses for industries. Save our clients money by helping them repair rather than replace their pipes.

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